Shared Vision supports, facilitates and promotes the development of community well-being through improved mental health,  “a shared vision for people by people”, through information and networking within the mental health sector and the wider community.

Shared Vision was established in the mid 1990′s aiming to bring together individuals, statutory agencies and key community organizations, who all have the role of promoting mental wellbeing, and gathering information about current issues and concerns. Shared Vision today continues to work along the same lines and believes that mental health is a shared responsibility. 

Shared Vision Rodney is managed by a governance group that meets monthly and delivers quarterly forums to provide information on current or pertinent issues, supports monthly family forums and sponsors one off local relevant events.  The Shared Vision team ensure that the voice of Rodney is heard in the Waitemata DHB decision making processes around Mental Health and Wellbeing service provision.  We take a holistic and inclusive approach that aims to support a healthy community by encouraging individuals to take part in social activities and by supporting sports groups within the wider community.

2017 sees us focussing on the Young People of our community, on ensuring they have the resources available to support them and to enable them to build resilience to get through tough times.

We support several events and sports groups in the area; A Touch Tournament which brings together school, social and league teams; Fundraisers for other community organisations such as Orewa Surf Sounds.  These events allow us the opportunity to share our vision to a wide audience.

Ruth Williams

My Family and I have lived in the Rodney District for many years and  I have grown to love and respect our diverse Communities.  I have a passion for seeing communities flourish, through the health and well-being of its people and through the building of sustainable social capital. This does not happen by accident or without design, it needs proactive leadership and commitment.  Through my career and life experience I can offer both so am honored to be the Chair of Shared Vision Rodney.

I am currently the chief operating officer of Connect Supporting Recovery a leading mental health and addiction service provider.  I chair the Waitemata Stakeholder Network which enables me to ensure the Rodney voice is heard in funding and planning decisions around health.  I have previously worked in Social housing and Community regeneration projects in the UK, and have a background in finance.

Tina Jones

Tina Jones, is a registered practitioner who has many years of experience working with youth in crisis. She has spent eight years working with Victim Support and the New Zealand Police, as part of the suicide bereavement team. Tina is Director and founder of Youth in Transition, a charitable Trust on the Hibiscus Coast, committed to improving the wellbeing and mental health of children and young people.

Over the past few years she has been developing a program called “The Journey Back to Awesome”, this unique, holistic programme is proving to be highly successful in addressing the needs of young people who are dealing with issues such as low self-esteem, anxiety, depression and suicidal thinking. It is delivered in partnership with other agencies and organisations in the community and is making a huge difference in helping our young people transition into a life worth living. Tina is delighted to be part of Rodney’s Shared Vision.

Iain Taylor

I have lived in the Rodney area for thirty years and over that time have seen the sprawling baches scattering along the coastline of white sand beaches, converted into beautiful homes that continue to provide safe communities and long summer holidays for the families that live in them. I am a father of two and manage a team of mental health consultants at Connect Supporting Recovery. I strive to maintain a healthy work/life balance, understand the principles of recovery and believe in prioritising a duality of happiness and gratitude in life.

After completing a Bachelor of Social Work degree at Massey University I applied my qualification to work in the in the Mental Health sector, and have taken invaluable learnings and positive experiences from the people I have worked with. I believe that a wellness based on a holistic approach, developing a balance between healthy mental, physical, social and spiritual spheres is fundamental to create a resilient and long-term state of positive wellbeing. I work collaboratively with people empowering them to achieve their goals in measurable, attainable steps and use their own success to develop resilience, independence and self-confidence throughout their life journey.

Clare Baker

I have lived and worked in Rodney for over 16 years. As my family are growing I am becoming increasingly aware of the importance of people from all walks of life and ages needing to stay healthy in both mind and body.  I am excited to be part of the Shared Vision team to help bring this awareness and support to the community.

Donna Galvin

My name is Donna Galvin, originally from up north. I moved to Auckland as a teenager and went on to travel the world, working amongst many cultures. When I returned I moved into the Rodney area and started my family.

I went on to do a bachelor in Health Science (Occupational Therapy). For the past 15 years I have worked in the Mental Health field. My passion has been and remains in making a difference to those experiencing mental health issues. I believe in recovery and encouraging those I meet to be proactive in their own recovery, as opposed to being the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff. I am also passionate about breaking down the stigma of Mental health.

Belonging to Shared Vision in the Rodney area allows me to contribute to our vision of helping to make Rodney the healthiest community in NZ with a focus on mental health.

Karyn Munday

Karyn has lived in the Rodney district since 2005 with her husband and four children, two of which are still attending local schools.
She begun working for Connect Supporting Recovery in 2011 with a recognised qualification in Social work from the Auckland College of Education obtained in 1999 she is a General manager for AOD and Peer Support services across North and South Auckland. Karyn has had an extensive career in the health sector this within mental health and rehabilitation services since 2000, including both inpatient acute services and community work.

Karyn has her own lived experiences of mental distress and found herself becoming an agent of change in Social Work where her lived experience enhances her wealth of experience managing Peer and other services.

Karen Bosher

My name is Karen Bosher and my family have lived in Rodney for 14 years. It’s known for being a beautiful part of Auckland, with a choice of stunning beaches and parks.  More importantly, I feel the friendliest Aucklanders are from Rodney and I have been very fortunate to have met many wonderful friends and neighbours. I’m an Occupational Therapist and I work at Equip, which is an NGO mental health organization affiliated with Windsor Park Baptist Church. We provide a wrap-around service to people in the community who have mental health issues. We hope to support them to grow by providing services that meet their needs and help them to have a brighter future.

Shreya Rao

Shreya is a Youth Consumer Advisor and advocates for young people using mental health services in Waitemata. Shreya herself has experienced challenging times and has accessed support from services. She is available for contact on Shreya.Rao@Waitematadhb.govt.NZ

Lynda Robinson

Hi my name is Lynda Robinson. I moved from Beachhaven  with my 2 sons 14 years ago to enjoy the beautiful Whangaparaoa Penninsular and all it has to offer. I am loving the community we live in and being part of the Rodney district.

After a personal journey of mental unwellness, this instigated for me a lifelong passion of supporting others in their journeys, and have worked in the field of Mental health for most of my working life in some form or other.

My interests include, arts and crafts, business development, children, animals and community.


Hugh O’Reilly